Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m Belinda, but please call me Bel. 

I’ve been growing my photography and design business for the last six years as a side-passion to my marketing career. From humble beginnings shooting festivals and gigs, I have found my calling in weddings and portraiture.

I have a fun-loving, bubbly and extroverted personality and working with me usually includes lots of laughing and natural smiles (many due to my terrible jokes)! I go into every session excited at the prospect of meeting new people and bringing out their inner beauty and joy through my camera.

As a qualified graphic designer I find joy in creating albums and fine art prints for my clients, bringing my work full circle from creative concept to tangible art.

The definition of happiness for me is creating something beautiful for others to enjoy.

my Story

My grandfather was the instigator of my interest in photography. He was eager to show me the ropes and let me borrow his beloved Canon AE-1 35mm camera. I soon took up my own hobby and mastered the basics of film photography, experimenting with 35mm film and larger formats on both SLR’s and other cameras like my Diana F+.

Always being a bit of a creative soul but not yet having found my outlet, I didn’t fully realise my passion for photography as a career option until I was in my early twenties. Since, I've focused my energy on developing my photography and post-production skills, and I've now owned and operated Bel Combridge Photography for over five years.

Discovering wedding and family photography as my niche has been truly joyful, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing couples and families who've allowed me to tell their unique story.

I'm also a keen graphic designer, complimentary to my photography business. I offer design services for business branding, marketing material design and design schemes and marketing strategies for social media and websites.

Today, producing beautiful and authentic photography and graphic design has become a creative outlet that I simply couldn’t imagine my life without.