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Time stands still best in
moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.

Thank you so much for visiting. Iโ€™m Belinda, but please call me Bel. Iโ€™ve been growing my photography business for the last nine years with a focus on people and celebrations. From humble beginnings shooting festivals and gigs, I have found my calling in weddings and portraiture.

I have a fun-loving, relaxed and extroverted personality and working with me usually includes lots of laughing and natural smiles (many due to my terrible jokes)! I go into every session excited at the prospect of meeting new people.

My goal as your photographer is to seek the beauty in your story, and suspend moments forever in time with a seamless blend of photojournalism and formal portraiture techniques. There is a skill in the balance of knowing when to stay back and capture candid moments or when to step in and gently guide great light and shot opportunities.

As a qualified graphic designer I find joy in creating albums and fine art prints for my clients, bringing my work full circle from creative concept to tangible art.

The definition of happiness for me is creating something beautiful for others to enjoy. 

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